Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun weekend!

We played hide n seek!  Well, kind of. 

We had a play date at Jess and Dani's house Thursday and swim lessons Friday!  The kids LOVE their house and they love their dog Sam and are pretty obsessed with Dani! Jeremy is a fish!  He now dives to the bottom to get toys and jumps into the deep end.  Good job J!

Ryan and I decided it would be fun to start a little tradition so we took J out to lunch and to the mall to get his school supplies and new school shoes! We will hopefully keep the tradition going and get one on one time with each kid before school starts.  He had fun and was very grateful.  We went to Soup plantation and he had tofu, edamame, raisins, olives and oranges!  Not normal :)

Ryan's quote to J at lunch, "this is just the beginning of your road to Stanford"!  He starts kindergarten in one week :(

We went to a birthday party while daddy worked and Mabel was Miss Independent!  I took them to Paco's Tacos afterwards for dinner and they all behaved amazingly well.  Even the people around me commented on it.  Thanks guys!

We spent ALL day today at the beach with the George family and some friends we've met through them.  We got there at 9 am and didn't leave until 4:30!  No naps!  Actually, mommy left for an hour and a half to go to J's new school and help clean it up and get it ready for the new year.  What a beautiful day with great friends!  

Did I say no naps?  Well, daddy zoned out for a few minutes!

One more week of summer vacation and then we start a new adventure.  I am going to soak up every minute with my little man. Love you J monkey!

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe j starts next Monday!!!! Is he excited? Nervous?
Auntie Cole