Monday, August 29, 2011

1st Day of Kindergarten at Goethe

We sent him off to school with a full belly of oatmeal and strawberries.  Don't forget the glass of OJ he drinks every morning.  He was excited to show everyone his uniform (he ran next door to show the Georges) and showed Amelia his back pack and lunch box when she woke up.  On the way to school, he asked, "what is recess for again" and wanted to hold both our hands on the way in.

I snuck into his German class to get a picture.

Can you imagine how yummy all these crayons smelled?!?! My favorite thing - school supplies!

We found his class line and we got into line on the black top and listened to our new principal.  It was time to head into the class and he was SO brave and not a tear was shed.  Mommy did. :(

The girls and I made Jeremy a schultuete, a German tradition that had been around since the early
1800′s!  It's a cone given to a child on their first day of 
school filled with sweets, trinkets and back to school supplies!

Finished product!

Pick up was chaotic and it took awhile but it was so good to see his little face!  You have to wait in line and then they call his name.  When he came down the stairs, Mabel started to cry because she didn't get a hug.  He gave me and both girls a HUGE hug and Amelia gave him his cone.  He then said she could have the cone he made at school.  It's like they haven't seen each other in days.  They're talking about the funniest things and he is telling us all about his day.  He said he learned one German word but I don't know what it means, his new friend is Jett, he forgot to eat his chips with his hummus, he got to play for "8 minutes", he only "gets to use pencils", he played with Simone at recess only and he likes both teachers.  When he's in the immersion week, he will swap to the English class for 30 minutes in the afternoon and he said that was the last thing he did before I came.  So funny!  

Congrats Simone and J!  According to Ryan/Daddy, you've made it through the "first day of the rest of your lives"!  


Joanna said...

yaaayy!! SO cute!! Glad he like both his teachers and his question about recess is precious. :)

Arutunian family said...

OMG!!! So Cute!!! Glad he did so awesome AND that Simone gets to go there too! YAY!!! Man, I'm already getting anxiety about our first day of kinder and it's a year away!

Jess and Jon said...

so cute! I can't wait to hear more!

...all of us said...

What a perfect description and wonderful pictures as well.
Such a great pic of he and Simone; perfect for the montage at their wedding...

the gerbdrians said...

Glad he has transitioned easily to kindergarten! I didn't expect anything less from J bird, but glad he's loving it.