Monday, August 08, 2011

Reinkemeyer Family Reunion Trip 2011

As you know, we were in Missouri for the family reunion since last Saturday.    We got home late this afternoon and we're wiped out!  Here are my pictures from my phone.

Waiting for our plane last week!  We had a bulk head row so we were able to spread out a little and the kids could play at our feet.  All of them fell asleep during landing!

We flew into St. Louis and stayed the night with Ryan's cousin Brandy, her husband Gregg and their sons Zach and Luke.  We swam a lot in their pool which has a big shallow step (closest to me) and a waterfall the kids love to jump off of.

We went to the City Museum which is an old 10 story shoe factory turned interactive crazy, dark tunnel, slides, water fountains, hidden  walkways kind of place.

We headed to Jefferson City (2 hour drive) on Sunday and it was HOT!  And I mean HOT!  Over 100 + humidity.  Yikes.  We spent lots of time in the pool thanks to Aunt Dedie and Uncle Dick!  Mary's sister and brother-in-law were out of town but they told us to use their pool.  And use their pool we did!
Jeremy did awesome swimming and Mabel is a water baby!  Amelia likes the stairs but that's one less I need to stress over :)

Ryan spent summers as a kid at their family (Meinhardt side) cabin at the Lake of the Ozarks! We went back for the day, rented a boat and had a BLAST!

Here are Jbird and Ryan on the dock.  Ryan jumps off the top but Jbird goes to the next step down!  Pretty daring if you ask me as I went up there and didn't jump from the top step like he did.

Amelia took a little while to warm up to the boat and she didn't like it when we stopped and it rocked (she said her belly hurt) but once we got going she kept saying, "make it go faster"!

We went to the Capitol!

It was a week of 1sts!
Jeremy's 1st time riding in a convertible!

Mabel's 1st time on a 4 wheeler!

Mommy's 1st tractor pull!

Mabel's 1st family reunion!  She walked in waving hello so as you can imagine, she enjoyed it.  The best part is when the tables are cleared the kids run around like crazy!  

We spent lots of quality time with Auntie Megan, Uncle Jeremy, Grandmommy and Beck and Nellie!  

Making cake with Grandmommy

After the reunion, we headed back to St. Louis to stay with Brandy and family again so we could relax today and not drive 2 hours before the flight.  Cute cousins this morning before we left!

Thanks for a good time everyone!  We miss you already!

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