Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We were at a friend's house the other night and Jeremy saw fruit popsicles on the cover of a magazine and said, "mommy, can we make these?"  OF COURSE!  So we did!

The buffet

"Jeremy, if you eat all the fruit, we will not have any to actually make the popsicles!"

Tried the fancy popsicle maker but it's too cold to start so the fruit got stuck along the sides.  Old school plastic ones that cost next to nothing = perfection!

24 hours later we have yummy (and healthy) popsicles.  Just added watered down apple juice to stick everything together!

One happy kid!

Note to self and anyone who wants to try this; strawberries and peaches freeze sweet.  Blackberries, Mandarin oranges and raspberries freeze more bitter!  He didn't care but I did.


the gerbdrians said...

so pretty!

...all of us said...

Gives me the chills just to look at them.
~Auntie Jamie

Jess and Jon said...

So cute!!! I need to get those pops so I can try and get some healthy food in my kids. Miss you guys tons!