Monday, July 11, 2011


The kids watched their first thunderstorm of the summer!  Mommy was caught in it at the grocery store.

Courtney is out of town so Dave brought the kids over for dinner and a movie.  All the cousins loved being on Jacqui's bed together.

 Today we took the kids to This is the Place, a museum-like place of the first settlers to Salt Lake.  I'm telling ya, for those of you who know that I love Little House on the Prairie, I could live in this time.  Minus the would have to be in Cali :)  Here are the kids waiting for the "train" to take us around.
  They had the wood cabins they lived in, the schoolhouse that they used and all the stores were there that they had.  People volunteer as the settlers (in full dress) and you can walk through their houses and they ask you to help.  We washed some clothes REALLY old school style, the teacher taught the kids to write on a slate and they even had the witch doctor arrested in the town square.  Hot but fun.

They had horses to ride, the biggest petting zoo I've ever seen (the goat tried to eat the food out of our stroller) and a real train that went around a lake.  

I might not have mentioned that after that cute cousin photo on the bed, the adults went upstairs to eat and Mabel got into the tub of Vaseline.  In her HAIR!  Her hair was so gross all day.  One of Jacqui's neighbors told us to use beer to get it out.

Before didn't really work.  Her hair is still sticky and doesn't absorb water but it's a little better.  She's drunk and in bed so I guess it kind of helped out :)


Jess and Jon said...

Dude... I just laughed my way through that post! The pic of all the cousins on the bed had me in tears as, it is so sweet to have cousins (sorry Sadie and Pipes). SLC is so friggen cute! Where are the pics of the kids going down the water slide?!?! I am waiting.....

the gerbdrians said...

haha. My favorite part about this post was thinking about Mabel reading this in her baby book as a 20-something year old. Hilarious! Also, that's A LOT of kids you all have. Holy moly.

Meredith Beard said...

Eleanor did the same thing and it was EVERYWHERE in her hair...matted down it was so gross.....anyways, 3-4 washes with DAWN dish soap and it was back to normal!! Have fun!! Miss you girls

we ez said...

looks like so much fun!! although that pic of all of you sitting together makes me tired!! That's a HUGE group!! My Mom used Palmolive on my brother when he slicked his hair back with V. --- trying to be Ponyboy from the Outsiders. Good luck and we miss you!!