Friday, July 01, 2011

Art, Swimming, Cousins and more cousins!

A friend of mine has an art studio so she invited the kids down for a painting session.  Even Mabel got in on the action.  Jeremy and Amelia's canvases had designs on them, all they had to do was paint it.  Mabel was a free paint!

It was then off to Amelia's 1st swim lesson and Jeremy's 1st lesson of the summer.  I was expecting the worst for Amelia so I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, there were tears on and off but she made it through the whole lesson and even went under water.  Sully (Natalie's son) is in on the group session with Amelia and I think it helped to have a friendly face.  Mabel and Jeremy were very concerned about their sister!

We got home at 1pm, put the girls down and then Auntie Courtney, the kids, Oma and Kira arrived.  Lemonade stand anyone?
The lemonade sign was inspired by one in the paint studio from this morning.  Thank you Annie for painting it for us!  Just throw out a table, strawberry themed table cloth, watermelon vase, lots of lemons, lemonade and an easel and you've got yourself a "mo" (my sisters think I should be mormon due to my creativity) lemonade stand!  We also set up the pool so you can guess who chose thrashing about in a pool over quietly selling lemonade!
Boys vs girls!  Girls selling and boys playing!

The lemonade stand was a hit but after about 2 hours, the girls left their post to have more fun in the back.

That's meant the adults had more fun in the front!

Until....the kids decided to celebrate the 4th early and make their own parade!
Teddy, Cece and Jbird thought it would be fun to wear PJ's so they raided Jeremy's drawer.  Amelia thought it would be better to be naked.  Okay!

Mabel and her pom pom were a bit too slow to keep up :(

Did I mention we're having a sleepover as well?!?!  As I was sitting on the lawn watching the kids I think I was smiling because it feels so good to know that your kids have had a good day.  What's even better, knowing that they had a fun day with their cousins.  It doesn't matter if they haven't seen each other in months or weeks, it's like they're home.  Everything just falls into place and it's love.  Sweet, "I want to sleep in bed with Cece" and "I want to go where Georgie goes" kind of love.  Love you sleeping angels.  

Sorry Teddy, you can sleepover next year.  No problem going to bed, hope they sleep nice and late in the morning!


Nicole said...

Impressive with 5 kids asleep with no problem!
-Auntie Cole

the gerbdrians said...

so busy! that lemonade looks darn good. I would pay 50 cents for it. You should jack the price.

Meinhardt Family said...

Looks like they had a GREAT time!!!