Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Books and Cookies

What to do? What to do?  It's Tuesday and we had nothing planned, nowhere to be and no friends to play with.  So.....thanks to a friend on Facebook, we checked out a new store called Books and Cookies on Main Street in Santa Monica.  It's a bookstore where you can lounge, read, eat cookies, play on ipads and of course buy books.  

It has lots of lounge areas to read which Jeremy took advantage of.

There is a gift area and a place to eat the cookies or any of the treats you pick.  It smells like fresh baked cookies so don't go hungry.  Did I mention they sell coffee?  Um, they sell coffee.  

Pros: Coffee, lots of GREAT books to buy, open, bright and colorful, ipads were a hit but there were only 2 and comfortable places to sit and read.

Cons; no real distinction between books kids can read and the ones that are to buy.  I'm not sure if it was okay for kids to take the "books to buy" and read them so I was constantly following them.  As for appropriate age, I would say 4 and up.  There was no separation between the eating, gift and book area so Mabel was ALL over the place.  They have little classes and story time things that looked cute and not too crowded.  A good place to take your older children for some one on one time.
Mabel's favorite part was the salesperson she kept playing hide n seek with and the wooden elephant!  Kisses to all!

We then headed to the Santa Monica Promenade to buy Jeremy his school uniform and let the kids run around, check out the water fountains and eat lunch!

I love being on vacation!  Who doesn't!  One of the things I love about living here is that if you go to certain places, it feels like you're on vacation. There are tourists, different languages, sunny weather and an excitement in the air!  Well, the kids and I took a vacation to Santa Monica!  We even dined at a roof top table!  Some Mexican food followed up by ice cream!!!

Mabel loved watching the cars below!!  


Paul said...

We love those tacos - we always get the fish ones. I saw the bookstore the other day while driving by. Looks great inside!
Auntie Cole

...all of us said...

I also love vacation!