Friday, July 22, 2011


So we're back from Salt Lake and I think everyone is almost back to the rested, well behaved (kind of) kids we knew before.  Don't get me wrong, they were great during the trip but about 8 days into it, they're tired and ready to be in their own beds.  Well, while we were gone Ryan moved Amelia's crib into Mabel's room and since Ryan was gone the night we got back, it took me a little longer to get everyone down and over the excitement of change.  Cue day 1 back...Ryan's cousin Molly and her husband were in town visiting since Saturday so we got to hang out with them.  We hit the beach but due to tired kids, or shall I say Amelia, I headed home early with her while the other two stayed at the beach.  No nap for Mabel meant clumsy, "I'm going to trip" every minute kid when she got back.  I don't think I was able to finish a conversation without someone crying, fighting, etc.  Sorry Molly and Andrew, next time I will make sure we are all rested when you visit.

Molly and Mabel
Cue days 2 and 3, ear infection has returned with vengeance on Mabel and she was up crying a lot at night and poor Amelia just laid there and listened to it.  They're now napping in the same room and so far so good.  Naps aren't as long but they pretty much crash at bedtime. 

I'm not sure if I've posted before about the nest in our front patio but when we left for Salt Lake the mommy was spending lots of time sitting in their nest.  Well, 4 little babies have arrived!  The day after we got back, I was sitting at the dining room table and heard this strange noise.  I thought one of the kids had left a toy on and searched until I gave up.  A little while later, heard the same noise.  I looked outside and realized it was the baby birds chirping when their mom or dad came back with food.  They only make noise when their eating so the kids now know that if they hear them it's feeding time and they yell, "it's eating time" and come running to watch.  
If you look closely, you can see one baby with it's mouth open facing the mommy!  Or daddy, I can't tell.  If you look SUPER closely to the one below, all 4 birds are in there and they have grey feathers and black eyes.  They're in the right side of the nest and right above that white stuff.  

Trouble #1, #2 and #3!  Look what I found when their room got a little too quite during a dance party...
Dancing on a bar?  I smell party girls!  

Hopefully we will have a mellow weekend and catch up on sleep!!!!

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Meinhardt Family said...

Great updates. I love the pic of the kids sitting on that blanket. Adorable! Your trip sounds pretty similar to ours in KC...although we have half the amount of kids. It's still super busy and always LOUD! I can't believe how big Courtney's kiddos are getting. So cute! I think when Molly visits either of us, it's good birth control. :)
I owe you a phone call!