Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last few days in Salt Lake; Zoo, Fairy walks, ear infection, pools and you guessed it, cousins!

For the last time, I just want to say how much Mabel LOVES Marley.  Can you tell?  Mabel had a fever and was not herself so I took her to the dr and she has an ear infection.  So, antibiotics it is and we have a different kid.  Although the kid we had wasn't too bad as you can see in these pictures...this was her not feeling well.

We've had a busy last few days that have included swimming, swimming and more swimming.  Courtney took her kids plus Jbird swimming while Jacqui and I stayed at home with the napping ones!  God bless you Court!

Then Jacqui took the big kids to the zoo one day and a fairy walk (Jacqui throws colorful stones out and the kids try to find them but they think fairies have left them) while I stayed back with the Caboose duo. That would be Benny and Mabel.  I cleaned up and had lunches ready when they got back.

Jacqui and I watched the kids this morning so Courtney could go on a bike ride and it was chaotic as usual but the kids had fun.

I had to get this shot because I love all the different crocs.  Notice Mabel's foot at the bottom, she had to get in on it.

Jacqui and I took the kids today so Court could clean her house and then she took the kids so Jacqui and I could watch the USA lose in the World Cup Final :(

Jbird has spent the night over at the Stockham's a few nights and he asked today if "we would ever stay in Salt Lake City"?  Sorry bud, L.A it is!  We had a fun afternoon in the front yard while the boys were being boys playing their new "let's get Woody stuck in the tree" game!

Jeremy held his first "sparkler"

A few were worried about the noise it might make...

We gave everyone a bath outside (it was 98 today) and put the kids to bed early since all this fun and lack of sleep is taking it's toll.  

I'm exhausted and going to lay on the couch, watch television and eat some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!!!!!  Oh yeah, as you read this you're probably thinking what we sisters think every time we visit, sister wives might have it figured out :)

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