Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mabel is 9 months old !!!

Her favorite place to play!

So what's she doing now?  She's army crawling ALL over the place, eating leaves or any tiny thing she can find, talking and yelling up a storm (usually all happy noise unless she's hungry or tired), she loves Lucky Charms (jbird feeds her as you can see from the picture above), pulling up on mommy and daddy because she would rather stand than sit, up to stage 3 food which means she's using her jaw/gums to chew the chunkier food and she's STILL happy!  I have to say that I want time to move slower because I am loving every minute with this kid!  She's an absolute dream and I am a little sad that she is my last.  Amelia and Jbird are such good siblings to her and to each other.  Well, most of the time!  I think these 3 will be the best of friends.  

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