Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day 2010

We started the weekend with a yard sale on Saturday and that turned into a picnic lunch on the front yard with the George, Garcia and Bauer families.  No one really want to take part in MY garage sale but decided that sitting on the front lawn under the "pop up" tent would be really fun.  So the garage sale lasted ALL day!  I love spontaneous parties!

We spent all of Sunday at the beach!  The Kennedy family, who are close friends of the George's, is the family you want to meet at the beach for a BBQ!  Roasted pork over the fire, homemade pepper dip, unreal bbq beans, bread, beer, chips, name it, they have it and bring it.  They even have an anchor attached to a bungee rope in their van and throw the anchor into the water, pull the rope to the sand, hold on and when the water comes up, let go!  That's the video of Ryan.  We fished, ate, Mabel cat napped in my arms (Amelia skipped her nap), played, ate again and drank.  Oh yeah, new favorite drink is a pinosa (that's like a mimosa except it has champagne and pineapple juice)!  Here are some pics!

Letting the "catch" go!

Playing in the water!

Running away from the camera!

"Talk to the hand"

Dirty and VERY happy!

Future babysitter!  In training...

We spent today, Monday, cleaning out the garage and reorganizing toys and the backyard after the garage sale!  SO nice to eliminate clutter and move Ryan's work boxes out of the garage and into the office! Jeremy spent that time over at the George's while the girls napped.  They had a picnic lunch and I snuck out to get a pic!

Then off to Opa's (Oma is still in Holland and Opa got back on Saturday) to meet up with Uncle Christian and family!  The kids got their gifts from Opa.  Jbird got a cool car and Amelia got a beautiful porcelain doll (head already broke off when she dropped it on the floor but uncle Christian fixed it) and mommy got a huge bag of candy!  Yummy.  Burgers on the grill, watermelon, beer, and corn on the cob topped off the weekend of non-stop eating!  Back to reality...

Kira was super cute with Mabel.  She wanted to hold, help and feed her.

Thought I would post a sad face since it doesn't happen often.  LONG weekend and a few teeth coming in so she was DONE!

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Labor Day!  Happy September!


Nicole said...

No pics of the candy? Or are you going to show me them in person?? :)

the gerbdrians said...

dude, mabel is a bruiser! Fun day - action-packed, like I'm guessing it always must be with 3.

Jess and Jon said...

Sooo jealous of the dutch candy!! Weekend looks super fun! Miss you guys.