Friday, September 10, 2010

Another beach day!!!  We went down to Manhattan Beach and met up with my friend Kim and her daughter Shea!  The kids had a blast and went to bed without a peep tonight because they were so tired!

Kim and Shea (in the hole that Jbird found and spent most of his time in).  If he wasn't chasing the birds down the beach or running in the water.  Amelia spent most of her time right next to me because she is afraid of the waves!  Lucky me.

Kim borrowed a friend's beach pac n play.  You just push the legs down into the sand and voila...a soon to be napping baby!

Enjoying her view of the ocean and not sleeping but very happy.  The kids went over to her a few times like she was a caged animal but they eventually got over it and stayed away!

She must have gotten tired of the beautiful view and closed her eyes...night night Mabel!  Gosh, what I would pay for a nap on the beach.

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