Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fierce Dragons!!!!

Jbird played his first AYSO soccer game today!  All I can say is "classic"!  He didn't touch the ball once (well, he did in warmups and a throw in) but ran around and stayed on the field the whole time.  We were SOOOOOO proud of him!  No crying, no whining and he didn't even take a water break one time.  As if to say, we haven't played long enough for water. He listened, he was polite and he did everything he was asked!  Good job Jbird!

Warming up

Pre-game rules from the ref (that's Jeremy's friend Jack Pickett on the other team)

"Which goal are we scoring in? That one!!"

Good game Blue Eagles!  You'll get 'em next time!  Yeah, that's right...we WON!  I know you're not supposed to keep score but have you met me?

Good sports!


Jess and Jon said...

HILARIOUS!!! What is J birds team name?? Ahhh this brings me back to the days.

The Lady of the House said...

What kind of a parent encourages their kid to be competitive at such a young age????
I'm sure the parents on the other team taught neutral, all-loving game thoughts to their kids.

...all of us said...

Way to go Little Man!
O has her fist practice tomorrow...

the gerbdrians said...

That is about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. These kids look older than 4 - are they really 4?