Saturday, September 25, 2010

Amelia is a "bigger girl"!
She pooped on the potty and FINALLY opened the Potty Present that's been collecting dust in the entry way closet! She was sitting at the breakfast table and said, "I want poop on the potty"!  And voila!!!!  Jeremy was super excited for her and ran to the closet and opened the door so she could get her present!  He watched her open it and only got sad when he wanted to play with it and I told him that it was Amelia's present and her special day.   


...all of us said...

how is he doing on the poop on the potty front?

Jess and Jon said...

HUGE!!! I can't believe that she did it before J-bird. Classic!

the gerbdrians said...

Why do all of my friends' little girls potty-train so easily?! I want one!!!! Way to go Amelia.