Friday, September 03, 2010


Imagine waking up on my own (that's the biggest part because I usually wake up to "mooooommmmmyyyyy") at 7:30 to silence.  Hmmm...why on earth are Jeremy and Amelia so quiet?  I walk into their room and discover that Jeremy found the costco box of wipes and diapers and they were sitting in her crib pulling wipe after wipe out.  He says, "mommy, aren't you proud?  We're cleaning!"  There were wipes EVERYWHERE!
I couldn't help but laugh and grab my camera!  Behold...

The picture doesn't do it justice but look closely and you can see wipes hanging from jbird's bed, the shelf and all in her bed.

The best part of my day....the iced coffee that was delivered like room service to my front porch before I woke up to this from the best neighbor ever!  Oh wait, the even better part of my day was that she, Bethany, treated me to an hour massage at a local place and a pedicure.  I am one happy momma!  Thank you Bethany!

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