Friday, July 02, 2010

White trash BBQ

A couple weeks ago, our neighbors had the most brilliant idea of hosting a BBQ in the front yard. Why? You don't need to pick up your house prior to the dinner, kids can play like crazy and your house stays clean and it should be a no fuss kind of dinner. So tonight, we hosted. I was excited to cook so I had fun doing it. No fuss! I made everything and Ryan grilled it on the BBQ. The menu:

Grilled peppers and onions marinated in olive oil

Sun dried tomato, artichoke, goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts and rice. It was delicious!
Jeremy waiting patiently for the BBQ to start next to the kid's wagon turned beer cooler!

So why do we call it "white trash"? Well, if the camping chairs on the front lawn and BBQ in the driveway wasn't enough when the George's hosted, we took it to whole new level with the car on the lawn for music(it was in the driveway but we joked about it and Ryan ended up moving it onto the lawn), fire pit for post dinner "s'nores". Yes, you read that correctly! S'nores. My creation. I smushed down Snickers instead of Hershey bars for the chocolate and it was pretty unreal!!!!! Not fancy but a whole lot of fun!!!!!!!!!

Mabel's 1st time in the backpack and she LOVED it. I mean, didn't make a peep for over an hour! Just pulled my hair out.

Fire pit and s'nores!
Have I mentioned I love where we live, our neighbors and the friends we've made here. Well, if not, I do. :) We do!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jess and Jon said...

So adorable! I am showing this to Jon so we can move up there. ; )

Nicole said...

Looks like fun! How was Amelia with sharing her backpack??

the gerbdrians said...

Great idea!