Saturday, July 03, 2010

St. Matthew's Reunion

My grade school had a reunion today so Ryan, the kiddos and I headed up to the Palisades to join in the festivities! They had a bounce house, yummy mexican food, pom poms (some music playing near the picnic tables), soccer balls out and a shaved ice truck to cool them off after a lot of bouncing. The kids had a blast and I got to catch up with a few old friends.

"The meadow"! Where mommy use to eat and play at lunch time, play soccer for coach Pascal (who wore too much cologne) and compete in "blue and white day"! The kids went straight to the soccer balls. I was secretly happy about that!

I have to admit, I was VERY proud of their technique! One lefty and one righty.

We took the kids to the area where Jacqui and I use to hike before school (on campus where they now have some trails and tables set up for the kids) to get a view of the campus from above!

Time to dance with the pom poms! Or go up and down about 3 flights of stairs with Jeremy while mommy and daddy ate lunch!

Sweaty and red faced from the bounce house

He chose cherry and she chose blue vanilla (I think Ryan whispered that in her ear because that's exactly what he would have chosen)!

Did I mention that Mabel was there? I almost forgot she was behind me and then she fell dead asleep :)

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Fun times in the Palisades!
Maybe the kids will go there, it is just a short flight from the Chester...