Thursday, July 01, 2010

We love you daddy!

Only read if you have time...a long post about a good dad!

So I told Ryan I was going to toot his horn for a minute and JUST a minute. I will say what a good dad he is and then call it a day because there is no need for this to go to his head. :) I use this blog as a place to keep memories for the kids so they can read it one day and well, who knows what they will do with it. So, you have the choice to read it or not.
Since Ryan has been working from home, the kids have lucked out on some serious quality time with him and it couldn't make me happier! I love the way Amelia says, "daddy home" every time we pull into the driveway. Or the way Jeremy likes to go to his office and sit on his lap whenever he feels like it. He takes the kids to school and greets us at the door when I come home from picking them up. They wait for the front door to open and scream "daddy" when it opens. He has scooped up Amelia during one of her crying fits to read with her and cuddle her until she snaps out of it. Mabel gets the morning to jump in the jumpster while Ryan takes a shower and he usually feeds her the last bottle of the day so I can run around and clean up from the day. He calls Mabel's name when he comes in the house because he loves to see her big blue eyes look for him. We hope he works from home forever!
So as Ryan was putting the kids to bed tonight, I smiled, not because he was kissing them goodnight, brushing Amelia's hair out of her face and pulling the covers up over them but because he plays some of the funniest games with them.
He bathed them and then we sat on the floor in Mabel's room and played with them for a little while before bed. Jeremy wanted to do airplane and his wish was granted. It's not just any airplane game, it's a plane ride with turbulence. As he holds Jbird up, he says, "please buckle your seatbelt because we have some unexpected turbulence" and he starts to shake him around in the air. "My turn" yells Amelia so her wish is granted. All while handing wooden toys for Mabel to chew on as she sits next to him wondering what the heck he is doing to her siblings! "It's night time" Ryan says and then asks J and A, "do you want to do rocket ship or sack of potatoes?" Rocket ship is a count down from 10-1, arms in the air and then Ryan picks them up and runs through the house until they reach the bed and then Ryan says, "parachute" and glides them back and forth into bed. Sack of potatoes is when he throws them over his shoulder and yells, "who wants a sack of taters?" I'm laughing typing this right now! Once they are in bed, a whole new can of games opens up. "Helicopter" is Jbird's favorite. He lays as straight as possible in Ryan's arms and he throws him into bed while spinning him 180 degrees. I am going to video another game and post it because describing it wouldn't do it justice but it involves playing football with their blankies, he's the quarterback and they are the receivers! Thanks for being such a good and FUN dad because lord knows mommy doesn't have enough time to be as fun :)

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the gerbdrians said...

holy post. I read most of it - Ryan, you're awesome...except for the comment Sky told me about re: waking up with the kids ("sorry your job starts before mine, honey"). I'm still laughing about that one...