Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We had a full day with the parade at noon, BBQ at a friend's house at 4 and the fireworks at 9! We had a few mishaps at the BBQ, Amelia got a bloody lip (thank you Mike for pitching a ball at her face) and Jbird got a goose egg on the back of his head after he fell off a bike and threw up. Minor concussion? It's rare that he gets that upset for a long time. Poor guy still has a huge bump on his head today!
The kids before the Westchester Parade! Mabel looks terrible but hey, they're all actually looking at the camera! :)

We started off the day with American flag pancakes. Jeremy loved it!


...all of us said...

I'm glad you can report a fun day despite the mishaps.

the gerbdrians said...

Good god, that sounds terrible! Maybe he needs a smaller bike. Please refer to (only kidding here -- I know Sevi looks huge on it, but that way he can catch himself if he's falling...)