Monday, July 19, 2010

Trip to Jefferson City with my dad!

Our big boy in the airport on their way to visit Grandmommy!

Hanging in the creek in Argyle, MO.  This is the SMALL town where Grandmommy grew up.

Fishing with cousin Beck in the same stream.  Uncle Jeremy and Beck came for a long weekend to hang out.

Uncle Bob's Farm (Ryan's dad's brother)

Fishing at the farm.  Jbird caught 4 fish!  You can't tell from his face but he was excited.

Deer Stand (for hunting deer) with cousin Beck and 2nd cousin Ava

Long day at the farm!

City Museum. It's an interactive place for kids to go crazy.  It was designed by an artist so it's super funky and there are tons of weird things for the kids to do.  Example....there was a bus suspended off the roof of the building that people could walk out in.  Here is Jbird with his 2nd cousin Zac, climbing up a skateboard ramp.

A super long slide.  Jeremy and Zac are climbing up and then the white to their right is the slide.  Ryan said there was a 10 story slide but J didn't go down.

Jbird climbed this 4 story sphere (yes, he was 40 feet up in the air)! Ryan said this place was ridiculous!  

They had a jam packed 8 days with grandmommy and we're just happy to have them home.  Amelia was a lost soul without her brother.  They missed each other so much, they needed to wake up a little before 5am to play.  Needless to say, mommy didn't go in to get them until 6:15!

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the gerbdrians said...

That museum is SO cool. I want to go.