Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sea World

Ryan and I took the kiddos to Sea World for the day! We met Jess, Jon and Piper there and it was a blast. We spent the night at their house and headed home today. Despite losing Amelia's favorite "wawa"(we were trying to see if she would nap in the backpack but when she saw ice cream, she must have tossed it), one jammed toe in the door (Amelia) and a forehead into the dining room table (amelia again), we had a great time. I'm starting to think she's accident prone. We took a break from animals and shows to play in the Bay of Play. Jbird had a BLAST in the water! Jess took some cute pics of the kids at the house that I will post later!

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Nicole said...

That's pretty great. Yeah, I can see why he needed new clothes! :)