Sunday, April 18, 2010

Auntie Jess' Sea World post from her blog...

Weekend With The Meinhardts!!

Yippie!!! My buddies Jeremy, Amelia and Mabel were here this weekend for a visit (and Auntie Sky and Uncle Ryan kept mommy and daddy company as well). It was so much fun hanging out with them. We headed to Sea World together on Saturday to play, eat snacks, and check out all the different animals....Here was one of the highlights of the day... the flamenco's were out for a "walk". All of a sudden we heard all these squawks and turned to see a bunch of flamenco's walking towards us. We asked the Sea World trainer and she said they take them out of their enclosed area every day for their "daily walk". How funny is that?!?! All kids were fascinated by this sight.
Bye, bye flamenco's

Another fun spot was the seals. Anutie Sky went and bought four VERY stinky fish for us to feed them. One got taken by a bird but dada helped feed the rest of the fish to one lucky seal.
All weekend long I kept getting hugs from my Amelia Bedelia. She is sooo sweet and LOVES me very much. She always wanted to hug me.
Here is Auntie Sky and the latest Meinhardt addition, Mabel Courtney Meinhardt (4 months old)
After a fun day at Sea World we all got to go into the BIG bath. Amelia once again was taking good care of me and decided to wash all of my back and behind.

This was one of the best was like a play date in a tub!!

This is sweet Mabel during bath time....

The next morning we all sat around and played in our pj's. Once again I was getting more hugs from love bug Amelia. Obviously she did not know that I had not had my coffee yet!

Three sweet ladies!

Amelia loves her baby sister very much (Mabel is so used to being grabbed and kissed that this does not phase her at all). She is the most mellow baby I have ever seen!

We love you Meinhardts and wish every weekend could be like this. See you in a few weeks up in your neck of the woods!! Thanks for the visit! XOXOXO


J~O~A~H~M said...

If the SD friends could move up here, it would solve a lot of missing each other problems...
Hint hint, Jess, JOhn, Lisa and Brett...

Nicole said...

I love how Mabel looks like she's stuffed into the striped outfit!