Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amelia's Friends

I have felt guilty that Amelia doesn't have any friends of her own (besides friends through Jbird) so I invited some new mom friends over for a morning playdate. We met through Emerson and played hooky today from class since it was the ONLY day that worked. Here are the kids taking a break from the action. From left to right....triplets Chase, Chloe and Juliet, Amelia and Shayne. Amelia was hugging everyone goodbye and was saying their names while I was changing her before her nap. She loved it and everyone got along great!

Who can drink faster?


Jess and Jon said...

Fun. I love that she has turned into such a love bug.. wanting a piece of everyone! Glad the sun was out. ; )

the gerbdrians said...

cute buddies! such a fun age.