Friday, April 23, 2010

Mom and the circus at the mall

I know I know! What am I thinking? Well, we wanted to get Jbird a new pair of crocs for his bday from grandmommy and I needed to go to Target. So....take everyone for a mall outing. Jeremy LOVES the rides where you sit in the car and it goes back and forth! Grandmommy calls these boring rides :) There is one where you sit in the seat and go on a roller coaster. We then went to a cute toy store so Jbird could pick out his bday present from Auntie Megan and Uncle Jeremy. There are the coolest toys and he picks a plastic tube of trains. We have money left over so I will put that towards something else :) Then came Target with Amelia on my back eating cinnamon pretzel bites (I had to shower when I got home), Jeremy in the cart eating his pretzels and Mabel sitting quietly up against mom! I'm tired, we didn't forget any items on our "to get" list but the Croc kiosk is no longer at that mall :( Oh yeah, it was everyone's first time in a photo booth. Jeremy said, "this is cool momma"! Amelia said, "I don't like this" and Mabel loved her reflection until the end :)


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I love that you are all crammed in the photo booth!