Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm 4 months old

Wow, 4 months old already! Time is flying since the arrival of Ms. Mabel. She is the happiest, easiest baby and we couldn't be happier. She is "talking" all the time, loves baths, LOVES her brother and sister, enjoys the exersaucer (because her siblings make sure all the toys on it make as much noise as possible) and doesn't know it but has lots of friends and cousins waiting to play with her. She started eating solids today and is REALLY good at it. She doesn't spit out too much and likes the oatmeal/applesauce combo I've started with. We shall see how the rest goes. She weighed in at the dr and she is a whopping 16lbs 1 oz (95%), 24 1/2 inches (50%) and her sweet head is 75%. So, she is one short, fat, SMART girl. Anyway, that's it from the Meinhardt house.


Jess and Jon said...

I love my little chub chub!!

the gerbdrians said...

Amelia: I think you and Leo are soulmates. If you're feeling competitive, you could try to get to the 97% for head circumference.

J~O~A~H~M said...

Short, fat and smart- you can't beat it!!!