Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watch out Mary Lou Retton

Amelia had her 1st gymnastics class today at Broadway Gym.  I wanted her to take a class here because I really think the YMCA class would have bored her.  I think I was right!!!  It's the REAL deal.  
She learned positions; pike, tuck, how to check her balance when she lands from jumping (which involves saying freeze with hands straight out in front and knees bent) and splits.  I was so impressed with her.  I'm not just saying that because she's mine but she was the youngest and the most coordinated.  But I was more proud because she was the best listener!  The teacher never had to tell her something more than once.  She had to do some courses, walked on a balance beam (never fell off and she didn't want to hold my hand), swing on the rings, hang from a bar and pull legs into pike position, jumped on trampolines tucking her legs under and the teacher even told the other students to watch her.  Saying she loved it would be the under statement of the century!  She can't wait to go back!!!! Ryan will take her next time and I will bring the camera to take pictures and videos!!!!

ps...she loves watching gymnastics now!


Nicole said...

I see the olympics in her future. :)

...all of us said...

I knew she would love ti, i am so glad she is getting to explore her inner Nadia!
~Auntie Jamie