Sunday, September 25, 2011

Full Weekend

We started the weekend with gymnastics!!!!  I brought my nice camera and got a few pictures before the battery died :(  Oops!

On the balance beam

 Her new outfit!

Someone loves her daddy A LOT!

My second cousin Roel (sounds more like Rool, rolling the R) was in town from Holland for the weekend and so the girls and I headed up to Oma and Opa's for dinner.  Ryan took J to soccer and he said he almost scored!  Way to go J!

Jeremy started Fall Ball today which consists of playing with a bunch of other kids and their dads on Sundays through November.  It's to brush up on skills and get some scrimmages in before the real season starts in March!

Oma and Opa came by this afternoon with Roel again to have one last beer before he headed off for more travels.  And it wouldn't be a special occasion if we didn't take a picture on the porch swing!

The kids wanted nothing to do with the picture but what else is new!

And another week begins....


the gerbdrians said...

Love the gymnastics outfit Amelia! J-bird's baseball outfit is pretty awesome too.

Roel said...

Love the pictures!

Meinhardt Family said...

Love all the pics and updates! Looks nice and busy. Really love the KU shirt. Way to represent!! :)

...all of us said...

Happy Monday!