Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

After one week of kindergarten, Jeremy spent most of Saturday in his PJ's.  Until 3 pm.  We all loved just hanging out, drinking coffee, watching cartoons and not rushing out the door.  I now understand why "school age" families like the weekend so much!  

Part of Saturday was spent with Annie, who likes to play dolls with the girls, and sometimes Mabel is the doll.  I think she likes it because she never complains about it :)

We hosted a bbq for our "south bay" friends on Saturday night and cooked up some yummy stuff.  Shrimp apps, BBQ'ed salad, artichokes, flank steak, green chili rice and lots of beer!!!!  The kids had a blast and so did we!
The kids with Jolie (Mike and Christy's daughter)

 All the kids are Mabel's age which is a nice change because none of our Westchester gang have a little one so it's HER friends!

 Jolie and Bella (Jess and Seth's 1st daughter)

Some of us partied way too hard...
Seth using the restroom with his 2nd daughter Marley (5 months)

 Amelia was a party animal!  Seth said he's never seen someone her age run so fast.  And who knows what she did when we all went to bed because she woke up looking like this.  It took me 15 minutes to comb it out.  My shoulder was aching and fingers went numb doing it.  In case you can't tell, it's completely nested!

Sunday morning was daddy's donut run with the kids!  He will drive around afterwards to give me some down time but they always come home looking like this :)

The babysitter came on Sunday afternoon so Ryan and I could join his boss and CEO for a nice BBQ at their AMAZING Manhattan Beach house.  The view was unreal!!!!! 
We spent today getting organized (grocery run, laundry) and enjoying one more relaxing day at home before the school week starts.  Mabel carried on with her new look...
She LOVES to put on big girl underwear and has been wanting her diaper off lately.  Not so fast kid, momma is not motivated for that AT ALL!
 Jbird and Mabel still enjoying the roller coaster!

Amelia starts school on Wednesday and gymnastics on Saturday.  Jbird starts soccer on Saturday and baseball on Sunday so life is about to get really hectic!!!  Bring it on.  I love it!  


the gerbdrians said...

Darn! Wish we were there to party with you and the kiddos as part of the South Bay crowd. Looks like so much fun.

Meinhardt Family said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I can't believe how big Mabel is looking. She's looking older in the face. Give everyone hugs from Chicago!