Thursday, September 01, 2011

His 1st German words

I thought Jbird would be the kid that learns to speak German with his teachers and peers but not to us.  He surprised me!  He has come home every day trying to speak new words he's learned.  He was playing in the back yard yesterday and started telling me about this song they sing and and he said after it's your turn to sing you say, "Wie heisst du?"  In case you don't speak German (I asked Auntie Nicole) this means "what is your name?"  So fun watching him soak up stuff.
Pick up on day 1!

Side story...Nicole and I have started a little carpooling and she told me that they had a conversation today about how many hands Nicole had to do things and he said, "my mom needs 16 hands!"  Oh, how true that is!!!!  Thanks Jbird but maybe you could use yours a little more to help me and then I would only need 14 :)

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IS that another cone of stuff or still the first day one? A ring pop? SCORE!!!