Saturday, June 06, 2015

Amelia's 7th Birthday Festivities

As a Meinhardt tradition, we try to snap a "1st thing in the morning" picture!  Sleepy heads, messy hair and sibling love!  They love to celebrate with each other and wait anxiously as they open presents and they can't wait to share their gifts with each other.  

Daddy went to school with fruit kabobs like Jbird and read a book to Amelia's class.  Actually, she wanted to read it so she read most of it.  She chose Tower Pizza for dinner so we made cupcakes and joined the Margallos and Taylors for a fun dinner.  Thank you all for joining to celebrate our big girl!

We combined Amelia and Isabella's birthday party because they are the cutest little friends and their birthdays are 2 days apart.  It was a blast!

Hope you had a great day pretty girl.  We love you and we love watching you play with your friends and enjoy your special day!

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