Thursday, June 11, 2015

Goodbye 3rd, 1st and JK!

The last day of school was a little hectic because we had a flight to Salt Lake City at 3:20pm and Jeremy and Amelia got out at 12:45 and we got Mabel early to head to airport.  I got a picture of Mabel on her way in the last morning of school due to daddy's request.  Ryan drove Mabel most of the time and he loved watching her walk in and blow him a kiss.  He tried to convince her every day to let him drop her off in valet line but she was not having it.  I think he secretly liked walking her in every day.  All 3 will be at the same school so unless mommy is in the hospital, there will be no need for daddy to drive.  Uh oh....we may have a sad dad on our hands.

Sent to her daddy for the last time....

Amelia and Ms. Hetu

Jeremy and Mr. Bartels

A job well done to all three of you!  Your teachers had such great things to say about each of you and you all made daddy and mommy proud.  On to 4th, 2nd and Kinder!!!!  

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