Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Mabel's 1st day at Johnny's Preschool!!!

Mabel and Amelia have been looking forward to this day since summer began and thank god this day is here.  I'm a little tired of them asking how many more days until school :)  I also didn't get a picture of J on his first day of 1st grade (more to come on that later) so here is a group shot!

Two happy girls heading into school

I took this picture as I was leaving to show just exactly how much she didn't care that I was leaving.  She's been waiting for this moment since she was old enough (probably by 1 year) to realize that she didn't get to go.

Amelia couldn't wait to play helpful, caring, veteran big sister.  She was showing and telling Mabel about the if she hadn't been there almost every day since she was born. :)

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