Sunday, September 09, 2012

Jbird and the Serpents

(Post game picture...sweaty and dirty from a well played game)

Jeremy had his first game today and he did great!  He was counting down the days until today and it showed. He worked his little tush off and was such a good player.  Not just on the field but he listened to what his coach said, he was the only player not to get subbed out and no complaints came out of his mouth.  I know I mentioned it last season but it's even more obvious now...this kid is a defender.  He just gets it.  He naturally moves into defensive positions without being told (I will spare you those details) and even cleared the ball off the goal line preventing the other team from scoring.  I wonder where he gets that from.  In case you didn't know, I had a knack for that while I played.  The coach told me after the game that he told him he did a really good job saving that ball off the line and he said, "my mom taught me that."  I haven't verbally told him to do that so maybe he just got that info while in my belly :)  His coach even mentioned to me that he is a good defender.  On the flip side, he got an assist as well.  It's hard to get those at this age because it's still a pretty big "bee hive" but the ball came to him and he kicked it down the field and this other little guy dribbled it down the field and scored.  Well done J!  He still didn't do the fun tunnel run that the parents set up post game but he LOVED that the snack was oranges, apples and blood oranges!  While the other kids complained that there were no "treats", Jbird was loving his own kind of treats :)  Good job buddy!  Oh yeah, we won 4-2!  

 ps...I think this kid (as well as his parents) were annoyed with J.  He kept stopping him the whole game.

Mabel's turn for the back pack!!!!!

ps....all but the pictures of Mabel were taken by Amelia.  She got some really good ones don't you think!


Meinhardt Family said...

Looks like everyone is doing great!!! Hugs and kiss to all!

Mattias, Karissa & Enzo said...

So cute! That cross over Jeremy is doing with his feet in the 3rd pic, looks just like you!!

the gerbdrians said...

soccer mania!