Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Well, summer is officially over (the weather is still in summer mode) and life has resumed to busy schedules, carpools, play dates, gym classes, etc.  First thing to do...get Jeremy and Amelia their soccer cleats.  Watch out kids, these Meinhardt kids are ready.  I never thought I would let them get cleats like this but they loved them so I gave in.  Games start this weekend so I will blog about that later.  

 On Friday we headed to Farmer's Market in Hermosa Beach to get some fresh fruit, lunch and of course, snow cones with umbrellas.  The kids LOVED them!  I also had to buy lots of fruit because they sampled so much I felt guilty and bought fruit.  Luckily, all was consumed :)

On Sunday, we hit the beach for about 7 hours.  Uncle Christian, Aunt "Dindy" and Kira met us there for awhile and we went with a bunch of friends so it was a blast.  

On Monday we got invited to swim at the California Yacht Club and jumped at that because it was another warm day.  We ended the weekend BBQ'ing with our good friends the Margallos at their house.  Good weekend.  Back to school and back to life.

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