Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quality time

It's rare that a day ends and I feel like each kiddo has gotten really special quality time.  We get 1 on 1 time, but uninterrupted, REALLY good time is hard to come by.  

We got some today!  After the usual spin class...
The kids in the day care.  You can see in from the 2nd floor and every time we go they wait for me to walk up the stairs and wave.  

...trip to the park and a short babysitting stint (William and Emily played over while Louise took care of some school stuff), the girls napped and Jeremy and I sat on my bed and colored and worked on his Puzzle Buzz for almost 2 hours.  Puzzle Buzz is the best present he's ever received.  It's a monthly coloring book with mazes, "i spy" kind of things, puzzles, color by number, etc.  He was just darling and we had the funniest conversations! 

Mabel woke up before Amelia so we cuddled on the couch for almost 45 minutes.  I LOVED every minute of it.
Miss Mabel has been adding lots of words to her vocabulary.  Recent additions are book, again, banana, Oma (mo-ma), poo poo, pee pee and a version of good dog!

Amelia was sitting alone in her room while J and M played outside and I just sat with Amelia and we talked about when she was going to give up her "wa-wi".  That is her pacifier!  She told me she would give it up when she turns 4 and she wants to give it to a baby boy.  Here is a picture of Amelia during the class we take together.  Such a good little student...
My little peanut is waiting for her turn to give her teacher the picture she's holding.  

Love you kiddos!!!!

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Jess and Jon said...

Uh... that just melted my heart. Love it! One on one time is so lovely (and important). Super cute!