Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday Amelia, I love the way...

First of all, I can't believe it's been 3 years since I heard the words, "it's a girl"!!  I have to say, not finding out the sex is so much fun for that reason alone.  I remember changing her diaper weeks later and I still couldn't believe it was a girl!  I even said aloud, "I can't believe I have you".  Happy 3rd to my first daughter, my strong willed, passionate, determined, sweet and mini me!  I love you SOOOOOO much and I know that you will be an amazing woman!
A look back...
Welcome to the world Amelia Jacqueline! She didn't stop crying for 2 hours.  Shocker!

I miss those little peach fuzz shoulders and back.  Ugh, I could eat 'em up!

And so after 3 years, there are many reasons I love you...

I love the way she wants to do everything I do, including wearing my high heels, keys and purse and then telling Jeremy he has to go to school so she can go to the gym.
I love the way she mothers Mabel like she is her mommy!  
I love the way she puts her hand on J's back when he goes in front of her as if she's guiding him.
I love the way she takes longer to fall asleep at night so I can go in and brush her hair out of her face and she's so happy and sweet.
I love her raspy, loud voice.  Oma thinks it's because she didn't hear well before she got the tubes. :)
I love the way her sweet curls frame her petite little face.

I love how coordinated she is, how fast she runs and how she wants to be JUST like her brother.
I love how little she is.
I love the way the sun rises and sets on her daddy.
I love watching her change her baby dolls diaper.  She is so neat when she bundles up the wipe to get doll's bottom.
I love the way she says "nishes" instead of dishes when she wants to play with her little medicine cups in the kitchen sink.
Daddy loves the way you're so sweet when you wake up in the morning.
I love running errands with you, you're such an AMAZING little helper.  
I love the way you look like your daddy and grandmommy!
I love how smart you are and how you remember everything I tell you.
I love the way she loves and looks up to Jbird.
I love the way she's a big sister to Mabel and I love the way she loves her.
I love the little person she is, the person she will become and I love that people will be lucky to have her in their lives.
Happy Birthday Amelia Bedelia!!!
but shhhhh....since mommy and daddy are going away for a night, we're not telling you it's your birthday until Monday :( 

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