Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old friends

Our friends Alli and Spencer, and children, came to visit from Minnesota and stayed here Thursday and Friday.  They headed to a wedding on Saturday and we all (south bay group) met up at Natalie and Matt's house tonight.  It was sooooo good to see them and see our kids play together.  Their son Sevi is almost 5 and Leo just turned 2.  Such good kids!

Jeremy's new thing is the "bunny ears".  Although, he tells me it's the peace sign not ears.  Thank you little league teammates for teaching him this new thing.

 Camera phone pics from here down so the quality isn't great.  We brought Jeremy's kite, a birthday present, to the beach and Spencer taught the kids how to fly it.

Jeremy and Sevi played really well together.  Wish they lived closer!

Pizza at Nat and Matt's!

Amelia LOVED her assignment to hold sweet Jolie!


Jess and Jon said...

amelia is so damm cute... love her

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure Jeremy is doing the V for Victory. He'll be a trojan soon enough :)

Meinhardt Family said...

It's been awhile since I've been on here. Lots going on! The beach looks awesome! Love the Madagascar. They look adorable and Mabels new pics - ADORABLE! I love that blue shirt. It does wonderful things for her eyes. :)