Sunday, August 22, 2010

 Camping with the Taylors! Stonecreek - Mt. San Jacinto
Well, we attempted another camping weekend with the kids, all 3 of them this time.  We figured the more we do it, the more comfortable the kids will be.  So, the 2 hours drive goes without a hitch except for a little whining from Amelia on the curvy mountain road.  We get to camp, get set up and have lunch.  Amelia has been high maintenance lately so why would she be any different camping.  After hanging at camp a little bit, we took all the kids on a 1 mile loop nature walk.  They LOVED it.  They climbed rocks, collected pine cones, hunted for lizards, etc.  Amelia was in the backpack and Mabel took a nap in the Bjorn.  She's getting a little, or a lot big for it but I wanted her to nap.  We had 3 sites all to ourselves so the kids did lots of exploring.  Simone, Blaise and Jbird that is.  Amelia was like glue to me most of the evening. Last camping trip she woke up at 2 am screaming so we were hoping for a better night.  Did I mention that Mabel was great and even though she only had 2 hours of nap, barely made a peep.  We fed the kids dinner, put Mabel to bed and then ate our own dinner.  Yummy brats prepared by the Taylor family.  Amelia went to bed early, soon followed by Jbird and then the Taylor kids.  The adults enjoyed wine by the fire, s'mores and adult conversation.  We had to move Mabel from her own tent (we brought a tent for the kids to play in so they wouldn't track dirt into the sleeping tents) to our family tent and she was not happy.  She is so used to moving, rolling, etc that she was crying because she had a small bed.  Plan B?  Move Mabel back to the "play" tent but put the tent right next to the family tent and Mommy would sleep in the tent with Mabel and Daddy would sleep with J and A.  Okay, we're settled but now Mabel has the whole tent to roll around.  She enjoyed that but was so tired that she kept crying and grabbing me, playing with my hair and wasn't falling asleep.  To be considerate to those around us, I thought of Plan C!  We had started this process at 10:30 and it's now 11:30.  Plan C you ask?  Clear out the back of my car and make it a bed so she can roll around.  Where does mommy sleep? the reclined passenger seat.  Hello no privacy and windows ALL around.  6 am rise and shine for Ms. Mabel and mommy so we played, ate and hung out in the back of the car for an hour and a half until the crew woke up at 7:30.  Ryan cooked everyone a yummy breakfast and then we packed up and headed home.  The drive home was interesting with Amelia crying on and off the whole drive with some slight fussing from Mabel.  All in all, a 5 out of 10 on the camping scale.  Thank you Taylors for the pics below!


Jess and Jon said...

You guys are crazy! This sounds like my worst nightmare. The Clarks are not going camping as a family until all little nuggets are at least 3 yrs old. Good job being adventerous though!!

the gerbdrians said...

I always think camping would be a good idea and then Spencer puts the kibbosh on it...for good reason.