Sunday, August 15, 2010

While Daddy is away, Mommy will play....

well, with lots of other moms and kids :)
Ryan went to Vegas with the South Bay guys and so mommy planned lots of playdates and time with her friends to pass the time.

"Sleepover" on the front yard with Jack and Annie

We spent Saturday at Natalie's house with the South Bay wives left behind. 7 kids, 5 ladies, good food, coffee and Sangria.
From left: Mommy and Mabel(8 months), Natalie and Shiloh(2 months), Christy and Jolie(4 1/2 months) and Jess and Bella (almost 10 months old).  All of us had girls within 9 months of each other.  Who's next?

Water breakfast at the Taylors! Slip n slides, baby pool, sprinklers, big kid food, bagels, champagne, ice cream....all you could ask for. Oh wait, my kids were a disaster at the breakfast so I guess I could have asked for more :)  My fault, they've had a couple late nights in a row and shorter naps at Natalie's!  Well done Mommy!

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