Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mabel is 8 months old!!!!

Time is flying.  I can't believe she is already 8 months old. recap in as few words as possible, here is what she's done:
Still happy and laid back
loves watermelon
had peanut butter and loves that too (no allergic reaction)
she's a pro at getting food into her mouth and anything else she can get
Jeremy and Amelia still love her to bits
she loves to stand up (I have to put her like that) and hold on
she gets up on all fours every once in awhile but can get around a room by rolling and scooting with her arms
had her 1st popsicle (I made watered down apple juice pops)
can drink out of a sippy cup
says "dada", "baba" and clicks and pops with her mouth and tongue
and lastly, gets 1000 kisses a day from her mom and dad

Here are pics from her 8 month photo shoot (by me)


Jess and Jon said...

OMG... she is such a big girl. Sippy cup already?? Does she tilt it back herself?!? You youngest is close to being one... CRAZY! What is the theme for that party and what cupcakes am I doing. ;)

...all of us said...

I like the matching haircuts of Mabel and J Bird!!!

the gerbdrians said...

There is a sparkle in her eye that looks a little mischievous!

Meinhardt Family said...

Happy 8 months you sweet little bambino! We love you and miss you. Hugs & kisses.

Ricki Kanter said...

She's a tree hugger already?