Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Water Day

Since it was so nice and hot today, a bunch of us took the kids to the Hilltop park in El Segundo for a swim!  Jbird had a blast, Amelia liked it for a little bit, Mabel enjoyed the scenery, William almost drowned a couple times and the rest had fun.  And by the rest I mean, Louise and her kids Emily and William, Nicole and her kiddos Simone and Blaise, Jamie and Olivia and Hudson and me and my kids!

We came home, had some quiet time and then Jbird headed to the beach with his daddy, daddy's friend Joe who is visiting from KC, Jack, Annie and David George to fish and enjoy the warm weather.
Amelia, Mabel and I met them there when the girls woke up.

Kids fishing

Second catch.  The first catch was a little shark but I missed it.  I brought the kiddie pool and it was a perfect home for the little sting ray until we set him free.

Everyone watching the little sting ray.

A baby in her pool
Once the sting ray went home, Mabel loved sitting in the cold ocean water.  She sat there for a long time, splashing and watching everyone around her.  My happy baby girl.

A girl in her backpack
Amelia was scared of the waves crashing so she spent most of the time in the backpack.

A boy and his sand castle

A daddy and his baby girl


The Lady of the House said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

the gerbdrians said...

awesome catch.