Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleep Over with Cece

Cece came over last night for a sleep over and it went really well.  It was good practice for Ryan and I to have 3 kids!  Here are pictures of dinner time, bath time, relaxing after bath and story time with Ryan.  Cece cried a little for her mom at bedtime but both Jeremy and her went to bed after a little Einstein to mellow them out.  Neither one of them napped yesterday so they were past the point of tired.  One wake up call at 1:30 am (cece wanted milk and I was warned by Courtney so I already had the milk by my bed), potty run at 2:05 am for cece (we just heard the doors closing) and 6:30 a.m. giggling but they didn't call for us until 7 a.m!  They were both tired this morning but we walked to coffee, got some yummy treats and played in the playroom until Courtney came to pick her up!  Fun time!

Night night!!!!


Meinhardt Family said...

Looks like fun!

the gerbdrians said...

i love that amelia is wearing mardi gras beads in the tub. when are you going to have teddy sleep over with amelia?

us said...

It is so fun to have cousins close in age!!!