Friday, June 12, 2009

My 1st REAL swim lesson

I went to my friend's house today for my 1st real swim lesson.  I've gone to the YMCA for group lessons but now it's time for the real deal!  My teacher's name is Mark and he is really good with kids!  I tried all sorts of new things to get used to the water.

I had to practice floating (ears under water) to get used to the way it feels when your balance is off.  Mark said it looked like I had been electrocuted because I was so stiff.  I'm not sure why my mouth is open like this but I can only guess it was to breathe because I thought I was going under!  

Here I am playing with Jessie's toys waiting for Mark!

He threw me in a cannon ball (I really liked that) and he showed me how to climb out of the pool with no help!  Such a big boy!  

I had to use my arms to get me all the way around the pool edge until I got to the stairs and could get out on my own.  Just in case I fall in while mom and dad are busy!  

I had to blow bubbles and then go under water to get a toy on the steps in the shallow end.  He then put it on the next step and then the next until I went all the way to the bottom with him to get it.  Shallow end of course but still, I DID IT!  Here I am going under on the 2nd step!

I only asked for mom a few times!  Mom said she was VERY proud when I was done.  I will let you know how next week goes and maybe mom will take a video that time!  

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Jess and Jon said...

That first pic is AMAZING!!! laughed out loud