Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Meinhardt #3

For those of you who don't know, Baby Meinhardt #3 will be arriving mid-December with jingle bells in hand!  I had my 12 week appt today and all went well!  The little guy/girl was moving all over the place and put his/her hands up in his/her face!  No, we will not find out the sex so you will have to wait until December 18 (most likely the date of the c-section) to know if our house will be more girls than boys or boys than girls!  Here is a picture of the ultrasound!  If you don't know how to read these, the baby is at the top and the baby's head is on the left side with the body to the right.  The little white dots to the sides are the hands.  If you can't see it, well, not sure what to tell you.  I will be back at the doctor July 15 so I will let you know how things are going then! 

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Jess and Jon said...

YES!!!!!!!!! Adorable!