Monday, June 15, 2009

Jeremy's Last Day at Emerson

Today was Jeremy's last class at Emerson!  It made me so sad to think of how much he's grown since he started!  And how I've grown as a mom!  I explained to him on the way to school that next year, he will be at his big boy school 3 days a week instead of 2 and that he will not have Teacher Kathy as a teacher anymore.  I told him that it's Amelia's turn to go to Teacher Kathy so she can become a big girl like he has become a big boy.  He then asked, "am I going to stay at home with a sitter like Amelia does"?  Nope, he will be at Johnny's when Amelia goes to school. Anyway, it was a cute class and each child had to cross a little bridge to receive their certificate of merit!  Here are some pictures from today!

The playground

Eating snack at the only spot he sat in this year!  Right next to his best bud Emily!

Walking across the bridge!

Waiting for everyone to take their turn!

Listening to Teacher Kathy's last words of wisdom!

ALL done!  So proud of you Jbird!  We will miss Teacher Kathy a lot but we're excited that Amelia will start with her in the Fall.  Well, hopefully the lottery treats us well and Amelia gets into the class!  To another great year of fun with Teacher Kathy at Emerson!

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