Sunday, August 04, 2013

Holland Day 30: Headed home....

These pictures of Mabel at the airport in Germany crack me up.  Mabel was miserable.  She was scared of the guy pushing her and she was the youngest "chair" traveler by at least 70 years.  We were literally the first people on the plane + 11.5 hour air time + last people off the plane = LONG day!

No one slept during the flight until the girls fell asleep the last 20 minutes and Jbird dozed off once the wheels touched down in LA.  Funny guy was trying SO hard to stay awake.  They all were so well behaved and they even tried the airplane food :)  Well, except Amelia who now eats like a rabbit. 

Everyone is happy to be home in their own beds, with daddy and happy to have LOTS of ice in their drinks.  Night night.

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