Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cast is off!!!!!!

Mabel had an appt with a pediatric orthopedic today and even though the fracture is still "visible", he thinks she can go without it.  I'm a little nervous about it but I have to trust him because he's the expert right?!!!!!  
She wanted daddy there so Ryan came home early from work to join us.  I was able to sit back and take pics!  
Cast off first.
Then new X-rays...

Driving home with her cast now in her hands and not on her leg!

She doesn't want to walk yet but the dr says that's normal.
She was excited to show J and A her cast and the video of her cast getting cut off.

She is supposed to take it easy for a couple more weeks so no park trips, running, jumping, etc.  SO...we have taken apart her crib and purchased bunk beds so she can be in a big girl bed (on the bottom) so she will not climb out of her crib anymore.

UPDATE: It is now Sunday and she's still not walking.  I am getting a little stressed, worried and annoyed because I do not know why and if this is normal.

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the gerbdrians said...

Hi Sky, Sorry her visit was so inconclusive. It's weird that she's not walking yet...Mr. Cautious (Sevi) walked on his leg within a day or so. I would call them. Give me a call if you want to chat, though I'm not doctor!