Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shawn's Pumpkin Patch

We made our yearly visit to the pumpkin patch and it was the most fun we've ever had there!  Well, until the drive home but I consider that a successful outing.  It didn't feel very fall-like because it was 80 degrees but the clouds provided some shade so it was really nice.  We also met up with a friend who snuck a "mom's club" deal even though we're not in the mom's club.  $7 per kid to get a ticket to bounce house, play area, train ride, petting zoo and $8 worth of pumpkins.  

hmmm...which one should I pick?

 We ran into some friends and it was like a Johnny's preschool reunion.  Past, current and future classmates!

So I convinced the kids to pool their $8 each worth of pumpkins and here is what we picked.  Jeremy felt it needed to get buckled up since it is big enough to be the new member of our family.

If anyone wants to send us a big box of fall leaves, we'll take it.  I saw it on a blog I read and I thought it would be fun for the kids to open it, play in it and take some fun pics!  Anyone? :)

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MissMolly said...

Love the huge pumpkin!! Good call on consolidating the kids' money to make it worth it! :)