Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Johnny's Halloween Parade 2012

It was the first time I didn't have a child in tow since both girls are now IN the parade.  The girls wanted to be princess' for Halloween so their wishes were granted!  They usually go to school on Wednesday but the teacher asked if they wanted to come 2 days in a row and Trick or Treat twice.  Um, yes they do!!!!!!  Mommy snuck in some studying.  Anyway, Mabel did really well for her first "performance".  However, the teacher who got them ready has 3 boys so their t-shirts were left on and they looked a little homeless but they were still pretty cute!!!!

Amelia as "Belle"

Mabel as a "pink princess"

I did a quick fix on Mabel so she looks a little better.  I found these cute wands but they were kind of big.  So I cut the top off (the girl's crowns) and the lower part is their light up wand.

Oh, and then Mabel decided to undress because she was "itchy".  Halloween should be interesting.  Here she is making sure she's not the latest tabloid picture showing her privates.  Classic!

I'm out!

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