Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sanja is here!

HOLY MOLY!!!!  Life has been busy!  Since my update, nothing really new has happened EXCEPT Sanja arrived but with soccer, school, my classes, Indian guides, baseball and Halloween, we've been on the go!  She's from the Frankfurt area and she was supposed to come this summer to help keep Jeremy's german up but she had to take some tests so she came on September 24.  And we LOVE her!  We've also had Jacqui, Jett and Benny in town for a week so it's been beach time, sleepovers and craziness.  Oh, did I mention I had 2 midterms among all this!!! Did I say it's been busy?

 3 beach days in a row!  Auntie Jacqui took the kids all 3 days and I only went once so I could study!!! Sanja went 2 of the 3 days.

We went to Nick's game vs the Galaxy and took Jbird with us.  

One of the beach days, these two were left with Sanja and I.  We gave Sanja a tour of the Palisades, including Palisades Elementary School.  I made Mabel and Benny stand on the very steps Jacqui and I did on our 1st day of Kindergarten.  I will dig up the picture!

Could they be any cuter?

Today we showed Sanja what Michaels Art store was all about!!!!!  We had fun!!!!!

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